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Vive Wheelchair Armrest Covers Set

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Color: Pink
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  • The Vive Wheelchair Armrest Covers Set is an accessory designed to provide additional comfort and support to individuals who use a wheelchair. The set includes two covers, one for each armrest, that can be easily installed and removed using Velcro straps. The covers are made of soft and breathable material, such as plush fabric or synthetic sheepskin, that helps to prevent skin irritation, pressure sores, and discomfort. The Vive Wheelchair Armrest Covers Set can also help to protect the wheelchair's armrests from wear and tear, stains, and spills. The covers are machine washable and can be easily cleaned and maintained. The Vive Wheelchair Armrest Covers Set is a popular accessory for individuals who use a wheelchair and want to improve their comfort and support while sitting.

    - Plush, faux sheepskin armrest covers
    - Cushioning memory foam interior
    - Strong, non-slip fastener system
    - Fits standard wheelchairs
    - Includes one pair

    Hypoallergenic, the synthetic sheepskin material is soft and breathable to protect against irritation, sore spots and nerve pain

    Eliminating painful pressure points and discomfort, the armrest covers include a memory foam layer for additional cushioning

    Lined with a lightly textured interior, the armrest covers utilize a strong fastener system to ensure they will not slip or slide

    Adjusting to accommodate arm rests up to 8.5” in circumference, the plush covers fit standard wheelchairs, transport chairs, scooters, office chairs and more

    Includes two interchangeable armrest covers
  • How long are the sheepskin armrest covers?
    Each Vive wheelchair armrest cover measures 12.75” in length for maximum coverage.

    Do the armrest covers slip around on when pushed?
    No, the armrest covers are lined with a non slip material and feature a strong fastener material to minimize slipping and rotating.

    Are the armrest covers padded?
    Yes! The armrest covers have a soft memory foam interior for added comfort.

    How do I clean my sheepskin armrest covers?
    The Vive wheelchair armrest covers can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

    Do I get a pair of covers?
    Yes, the armrest covers come as a pair.

    Can I use these armrest covers on larger chairs?
    Yes, the armrest covers are adjustable to accommodate armrests up to 8.5” in circumference.

    Are the sheepskin armrest covers latex-free?
    Yes! The Vive armrest covers are latex-free.

  • Uses:
    Provides soft cushioning on wheelchair armrests, transport chairs, scooters, office chairs and more

    Length 12.75”
    Width: Fits armrests up to 8.5” in circumference
    Thickness: 1.5”
    Materials: Synthetic sheepskin, Memory foam
    Colors: Black, Pink, Blue

    Care Instructions:
    Spot clean the armrest covers with a damp cloth and mild detergent

    What’s Included:
    Vive Wheelchair Armrest Covers- One pair
    60 day guarantee
    Shipping Weight: 8 ounces (Black); 8.2 ounces (White)