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Visco-GEL Bunion Relief Sleeve LRG

by PediFix
SKU P1303-L
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Original price $25.99
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People use Visco-GEL Bunion Relief Sleeve to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with bunions, which are bony bumps that form at the base of the big toe joint. This product is a type of sleeve that is worn over the affected area of the foot and is made from a soft and stretchy material that conforms to the shape of the foot.

The Visco-GEL Bunion Relief Sleeve has a gel pad that provides cushioning and protection to the bunion, helping to reduce friction and pressure on the affected area. This can help to alleviate pain and discomfort and promote healing.

Additionally, the sleeve helps to keep the foot in proper alignment, which can reduce the pressure on the bunion and prevent it from worsening. By using the Visco-GEL Bunion Relief Sleeve regularly, people with bunions can experience relief from pain and discomfort, as well as potentially slow the progression of the bunion.