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Vest Restraint

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  • Prevent Falls And Ensure Secure Positioning

For healthcare providers, caregivers, or family members, the Vive Vest Restraint allows you to keep seniors, adults, or disabled individuals securely in place in a chair or bed. Prevent slipping, sliding, tilting, or agitation that can lead to injury with proper torso and chest support. 

  • Two Strap Lengths For Multipurpose Use

Choose from two different strap lengths for a variety of uses. The short straps (124 cm) are perfect for use in a wheelchair, while the long straps (275 cm) are designed to help you comfortably secure an individual to a bed. 

  • Soft Padded Vest For Greater Comfort

With soft and breathable polyester straps and backing, this vest restraint is comfortable, allowing air ventilation to keep the wearer cool and dry for extended periods of use. 

  • Adjustable Sizing And Durable Design

Adjust the straps to fit any individual and customize the level of support as needed. With a durable design and strong buckles, you can rest assured that your loved one is secure and safe.