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Universal Matt Strap II

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The Universal Matt Strap II by Hely & Weber is designed to provide optimal support and pain reduction for individuals with patella tendon issues. It features a combination strap and buttress that effectively reduces adverse stress on the patella tendon. The shock-absorbing buttress helps diffuse energy and decrease the load on the patella tendon, allowing patients to resume their regular activities with comfort and confidence.

The Matt Strap II incorporates a malleable aluminum bolster that conforms to the contours of the tibia, offering improved function and customized fit. This ensures optimal support and comfort during movement. The universal sizing of the strap allows for easy fitting, and the ability to customize it further ensures an individualized fit for each user, while reducing the need for maintaining a large inventory of different sizes.

Whether you're recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic patella tendon discomfort, the Universal Matt Strap II provides the necessary support to alleviate pain and promote healing. Trust Hely & Weber, a leading brand in orthopedic solutions, to deliver high-quality products that prioritize your comfort and well-being.