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TKW-GC Knee Cushion

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TKW-GC Knee Cushion (note: this will fit most other manufactures knee walkers) What’s so awesome about it?
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  • Looking for a solution to knee discomfort during long sitting periods? The TKW-GC Knee Gel Cushion by Nova Medical provides the ultimate answer. Infused with Gel-Cell Comfort Technology, this cushion features 2" double-layer offset cells designed to relieve pressure points and promote optimal circulation.

    The cushion is wrapped in a black polyester cover that is both removable and washable. Notably, the cover is designed with a slip-resistant bottom, ensuring the cushion stays in place, providing consistent comfort.

    What sets the TKW-GC Knee Gel Cushion apart is its portability. The cushion is designed to roll up and fold, making it easy to pack and take anywhere - whether you're traveling by car, catching a flight, or simply heading to the office. This durability and flexibility make the cushion an ideal companion for those constantly on the move.

    To top it off, the cushion also serves as protection for knee pads against scratches or abrasions, enhancing its utility. It comes in retail packaging, ready to provide immediate comfort and support.

  • THE FEATURES: 1. Gel-cell technology with 2” double layer offset cells takes on your pressure points and allows for optimal circulation 2. Black polyester cover is zipper removable and washable, with a slip-resistant bottom 3. Durable gel cushion rolls up and folds up to pack and take anywhere - great for use in a car, on a plane etc. 4. Protects knee pad from scratches or abrasions 5. Comes retail packaged

  • Item# TKW-GC
    Dimensions 15”w x 7.5”d x 2”h
    Color Black (Blue Interior)