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Post Op Shoe

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Providing stable protection following post-operative procedures and forefoot trauma, the post-op shoe by Vive is lightweight and durable. The adjustable surgical walking boot has a rocker sole that supports the arch and reduces pressure on the foot while keeping dressings dirt-free and dry.


  • ADJUSTABLE SHOE FOR RIGHT OR LEFT FOOT: Providing a safe and secure fit, two adjustable straps allow the surgical walking boot to accommodate casts or bandages easily. A versatile square-toe design can be used on the left or right foot.

  • SUPPORTIVE PROTECTION AFTER SURGERY: Keeping a cast or bandages dry and dirt-free, the Vive post-op shoe provides exceptional support and protection following injury or surgery on the toes, foot, ankle, or leg. Men or women can use the universal surgical walking boot on either foot.

  • NONSKID ROCKER SOLE: Non-skid tread provides extra stability while walking following surgery. The rigid rocker sole supports the arch and relieves pain and pressure on the forefoot and heel.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT SQUARE TOE DESIGN: Lightweight post-op shoe has a comfortable, wide square toe box to act as a bumper to protect the toes and provide additional room for bandages.

  • Uses: Protects foot and ankle while walking following an injury or surgery

  • Materials: Maximum-strength fastening material & Hypoallergenic foam

  • Universal Style: Can be worn on either the left or right foot, Designed for use by men and women