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Deck The Halls Sale Going On Now

Philips Respironics Amara View Cushion

SKU 1090692
Original price $40.00 - Original price $40.00
Original price $40.00
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Current price $40.00
The Philips Respironics Amara View Cushion offers an unparalleled combination of comfort and versatility for users of Amara View Full Face CPAP & BiPAP Masks. This unique Under-the-Nose Full Face Cushion is included as a standard component with every mask, ensuring a comfortable and effective therapy experience.

The main body of the Amara View Under-the-Nose Cushion is designed to cover your mouth, allowing you to breathe naturally with your mouth open or closed. This innovative feature provides freedom and flexibility during your sleep, accommodating your preferred breathing style.

For nasal breathing, a small, rectangular hole is located at the top of the cushion, enabling comfortable airflow through your nose. This design promotes better ventilation and can alleviate common discomfort associated with traditional full face masks.

Finding the right fit is essential for optimal performance and comfort. The Amara View Cushion is available in three sizes - Small, Medium, and Large - catering to a wide range of facial sizes and shapes. The cushion size is indicated by a single letter (S, M, or L) printed on the base of the cushion. What's more, any cushion size can be used with any Amara View mask frame, offering the convenience of replacing the cushion without having to purchase an entirely new mask.

Upgrade your CPAP therapy experience with the Philips Respironics Amara View Cushion. Enjoy superior comfort, unrestricted breathing, and the flexibility to find the perfect fit for your needs. Order the Amara View Cushion now and enhance your sleep apnea treatment journey.