NOVA Travel Lightweight Transport Chair, Compact Design with Removable Legs, Great for Travel

NOVA Medical Products

Life is about being mobile and that is exactly what NOVA Transport Chairs do. Unlike traditional wheelchairs that are heavy, bulky and difficulty to manage, Transport Chairs are not. They are lightweight, compact, much easier to manage and attractive looking too. The world is not all paved and flat, it is important to consider where you are going and the ability of the user.

Seat dimensions: 18"W x 16"D; Seat height: 19.75" from floor; Back height from seat: 15.5"; Width between arms: 17.5". Overall dimensions: 22.5"W x 37"H; Overall dimensions folded: 29.5"H x 9.25"W x 23.25"D; Weight of transport chair is 20 pounds.

The NOVA Story and Promise

The story of NOVA starts with Dr. Bruce Chen’s dream to come to the United States to pursue his medical career and give his family every opportunity. Dr. Chen established himself as a leader in the field of Rehabilitation, but was consistently frustrated at the lack of medical equipment for his patients. He was affected during his time at the VA Rehabilitation Center in GA and was inspired by the Veterans that he worked with. Their courage and determination put him on a mission to manufacture the best products.

Sadly, Dr. Chen lost his 14-year battle with cancer in 1984 when Sue Chen was just 14 years old. Dr. Chen’s 3 brothers and father carried on with medical equipment manufacturing. Sue launched NOVA in 1993 with only 3 employees.

NOVA recognized the customer voice was rarely heard from when it came to product desire, design and most of all - service in the industry. This is why GREY was the go to color ost all medical equipment and people put tennis balls on walkers - a horrible symbol of aging and mobility in America.

NOVA bucked the “industry standard” by being the first company to have a toll-free number so customers could connect with them. That connection with customers would inspire NOVA’s early innovations with Rolling Walkers by adding color, options and acces