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NOVA Transfer Belt with Grip Handles, Extra Wide & Durable Gait Belt, 36", 42" & 48" Length Options

SKU PA-1033
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NOVA Transfer Belt with Grip Handles is designed to support caregivers in reducing back injuries during patient transfers. This heavy-duty gait belt is specially designed for durability and comfort, making it an essential tool for caregivers.

The gait belt features easy-to-grip handles that provide superior comfort and leverage during patient transfers. These handles allow caregivers to maintain a secure grip while assisting patients, ensuring their safety and minimizing the risk of injury. The extra-wide design of the belt provides additional support and stability.

Choose from three length options: 36", 42", and 48", to suit your specific needs. This allows for a customized fit, ensuring the optimal level of comfort and safety for both the caregiver and the patient. The length options provide versatility and accommodate different body sizes and transfer scenarios.

NOVA Transfer Belt with Grip Handles is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. It is designed to withstand the demands of daily use in healthcare settings. This gait belt is built to provide reliable support and stability during patient transfers, giving caregivers peace of mind.

When it comes to caregiving, trust NOVA Medical for quality and reliable products. The NOVA Transfer Belt with Grip Handles is an essential tool for caregivers, offering extra-wide support, comfortable grip handles, and durability. Reduce caregiver back injuries and ensure safe patient transfers with this reliable gait belt.