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NOVA Stand Alone Toilet Rails & Frame, Portable & Lightweight Safety Support Frame for Bathroom Toilet, Quick & Easy Installation

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The NOVA Stand Alone Toilet Rails & Frame is a must-have for anyone seeking enhanced safety and stability in the bathroom. Designed to provide support when sitting and rising, this portable and lightweight frame offers convenience and peace of mind.

Installing the NOVA Stand Alone Toilet Rails & Frame is quick and easy, allowing you to create a safer bathroom environment in no time. Its standalone design eliminates the need for complicated installations or permanent fixtures. Simply position the frame next to your toilet and you're ready to go.

One of the standout features of this support frame is its mobility. You can easily move it as needed, making it a versatile addition to your bathroom. Whether you need to reposition it for cleaning or temporarily remove it for space-saving purposes, the NOVA Stand Alone Toilet Rails & Frame offers the flexibility you need.

The frame is crafted from lightweight materials, ensuring easy handling and maneuverability. Despite its lightweight design, it offers excellent stability and support, helping to prevent falls and accidents. The wide width between the arms provides ample space for comfortable and secure use.

To add to its convenience, the NOVA Stand Alone Toilet Rails & Frame comes with a magazine rack. This handy feature allows you to keep reading materials within reach, enhancing your comfort and relaxation during bathroom visits.

With a unit weight of 11 lbs and overall dimensions of 29.75"w x 19"d x 25.5"h, this support frame is compact and fits well in most bathroom spaces. The overall footprint of 28"w x 19"d ensures stability and balance, making it a reliable choice for users of varying sizes and needs.

The NOVA Stand Alone Toilet Rails & Frame also includes a convenient basket with dimensions of 9"w x 2.5"d x 9"h. This basket provides storage space for toiletries or personal items, keeping them easily accessible during bathroom use.

Choose the NOVA Stand Alone Toilet Rails & Frame and experience the convenience, stability, and safety it brings to your bathroom routine. Enhance your comfort and prevent falls with this portable and lightweight support frame. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a reliable ally in the bathroom.

Unit Weight (lbs): 11
Overall Dimensions: 29.75w x 19d x 25.5h
Width Between Arms (inches):  20.5
Overall Footprint (inches): 28w x 19d
Basket Dimensions: 9w x 2.5d x 9h