Ultimate Accessory Kit for Bath Seat

NOVA Medical Products

Make the most of your bath seat and bathing experience with this great Accessory Kit. It includes everything you need to bathe comfortably, safely and independently. Below are the list of accessories. Hand Held Shower # 9301-R: This hand held shower is a must for any bath seat. The 84" long hose makes it easy and convenient to shower, from head to toe, in a seated position. The on and off switch keeps you in control of the water. Holder for Hand Held Shower#9306-R: Since the hand held shower is a must, this Holder puts it in the perfect spot. The Holder is easy to install (requires Philips screw driver) and fits on any bath seat tube - arm or leg. The attractive red color also makes the Holder easy to see. Shower Diverter Valve# 9305-R: The Shower Diverter Valve is designed to divert water between two sources in your shower - the shower head and hand held shower. Bath Seat Cushion#9601B-R: The Bath Seat Cushion is a favorite adding much needed cushion and comfort to the hard bath seat surface. The cushion dimensions are 8" d x 15" w and will fit any standard bath seat. The cushion has a plastic waterproof cover that easily and securely attaches with Velcro wraps. The attractive Sky Blue color adds style to any bath bench.