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Bath Seat Cushion

SKU 9601W-R
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Color: White

Enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience with our Bath Seat Cushion. Designed specifically to enhance your comfort while bathing, this cushion adds a touch of softness to any standard size bath bench.

The cushion is easy to install and fits seamlessly on your bath bench, providing a soft surface that eases the discomfort of sitting on a hard bench during long soaks or quick showers.

Whether you're taking a long relaxing bath or a quick shower, our Bath Seat Cushion ensures that every moment is enjoyable, thanks to its comfortable design. The cushion is durable and made to withstand the humid environment of the bathroom, ensuring that it remains in top condition for a long time.

With our Bath Seat Cushion, you won't just clean up - you'll also wind down and relax, as it turns your regular bath bench into a comfy seat. The cushion is not just about comfort, it's about enhancing your bathing experience, one bath at a time.