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NOVA Hand & Finger Exercise Star, Finger Flex & Extend Hand Grip Exerciser for Strength, Stress, Rehab & Recovery, Comes in 3 Resistance Levels - PINK Soft, ORANGE Medium & BLUE Firm

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$17.95 - $19.99
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Color: Orange (Firm)

About this item

  • MOST VERSATILE HAND EXERCISER WITH FINGER INSERT EXTENDERS FOR EACH FINGER. You can customize the exercise, rehab, recovery and strengthening of each finger, finger combinations - as well as the hand and forearm with this Star exerciser with finger inserts.
  • STAR SHAPE IS IDEAL FOR YOUR HAND GRIP to exercise the hand, fingers and forearm. Great for rehab, recovery, training and strengthening of the hand, fingers and dexterity.
  • REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY with a squeeze star that is designed for style and durability. Keep it on your desk or carry in a bag or purse... the squeeze star is a useful and versatile companion.
  • CHOOSE RESISTANCE LEVEL BY COLOR. The Squeeze Star comes in 3 resistance levels. The PINK Squeeze Star has a SOFTER resistance level making it the easiest to use as well as the most versatile for stress, recovery and strengthening. The ORANGE Squeeze Star has a MEDIUM resistance that is more ideal for strengthening. The BLUE Squeeze Star has a FIRM resistance that is mostly for strengthening.
  • LONG LASTING DURABLE Squeeze Star is made of skin safe latex free composite material that has the optimum texture for gripping, aggressive use and durability. EASY TO CLEAN with a mild soap and warm water.