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NOVA Hand Exerciser Oval Egg, Hand Grip Squeeze Oval Ball for Strength, Stress and Recovery, Comes in 3 Resistance Levels - Pink Soft

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Color: Blue (Medium)

Squeeze excerisers are used in hand and arm rehab and in grib improvement workout programs. Wrist, finger and thumb flexors are the most common muscles targeted. Squeeze excerisers are also a great way to help relieve stress while watching television, riding in a car, or at work while on the computer. Squeezing the ball causes muscle tension followed by muscle relaxation after release. This excerise performed repeatedly releases considerable muscle tension and helps to relieve stress. A common stress relief exercise is to squeeze the exerciser at about 30 percent of maximum pressure about 10 to 20 times in a row, and then rest for a few minutes before repeating each set.