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NOVA Gait Belt, Transfer Belt with Adjustable Locking Metal Buckle, 52 & 72 Inch Length Options

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Color: Stripes
The NOVA Gait Belt is designed to provide safe and effective support for caregivers and healthcare professionals when assisting patients and loved ones with walking, standing up, sitting down, and transferring between locations. With the proper use of this gait and transfer belt, caregiver injuries can be prevented, and patient falls can be minimized.

One of the key features of the NOVA Gait Belt is its easily adjustable locking metal teeth buckle. This buckle securely sets and grips the belt, ensuring there is no slipping or loosening during use. When the belt needs adjustment or removal, simply release the metal buckle for easy size adjustment, ranging from less than an inch to several inches. This feature makes it convenient to put on and take off the belt as needed.

The NOVA Gait Belt is available in two sizes: 52" and 72" lengths. Choose the size that best fits your needs for optimal comfort and support. The belt is 2" wide, providing a wide and secure contact area for enhanced stability during transfers.

Constructed from super durable and comfortable cotton material, the NOVA Gait Belt is built to last. It is machine washable, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance for long-term use. The belt's durability and washable nature make it a reliable choice for caregivers and healthcare professionals.

By using the NOVA Gait Belt, you can help reduce caregiver back injuries and ensure the safety of patients during transfers. Trust in the secure metal buckle with safety locking teeth, offering peace of mind and stability during use.

Choose the NOVA Gait Belt, the trusted choice for safe and effective patient support. Its adjustable locking metal teeth buckle, durable cotton construction, and available size options make it an essential tool for caregivers and healthcare professionals. Prioritize safety and comfort with the NOVA Gait Belt.