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Elastic Shoelaces, 32" Length Stretchable Shoelaces, One Pair, Black or White

SKU PA-1006
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Color: White

The 32" Elastic Shoelaces allow laced shoes to be slipped on and off easily. The shoelaces transform athletic shoes into easy to wear slip-on shoes. These elastic shoelaces can be a practical and comfortable solution for individuals who want a more convenient and customizable shoe option. They are particularly useful for people with mobility issues, limited hand dexterity, or foot swelling, and can provide added safety and comfort.

Some of the many benefits of using elastic shoelaces include: 

  1. Convenience: Elastic shoelaces can save time and make it easier to put on and take off shoes, especially for people who have mobility issues or limited hand dexterity.

  2. Comfort: Elastic shoelaces can provide a more comfortable fit by allowing the shoe to expand and contract with movement, reducing pressure points and discomfort.

  3. Adjustability: Elastic shoelaces can be adjusted to fit snugly without being too tight, which can be helpful for people who experience foot swelling or for those who have difficulty tying traditional laces.

  4. Safety: Elastic shoelaces can help prevent tripping or accidents by keeping shoes securely in place.