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Dressing Stick , Multi-Use Extra Long 27" Hook Stick with Non-Slip Grip Handle

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The Nova long Dressing Stick assists with dressing and undressing. It ideal for people who reach, dexterity, or ability to bend limited due to arthritis or back/leg injuries. The large hook end used to help put on clothing or to reach clothes hangers on high closet rods. The other ends have a small “c” shaped round hook that can aid in pulling zippers

Nova Dressing Stick Features:
Extra Long Stick is 27” to reduce the strain of bending and turning when dressing or picking up items.
Smooth Coated hook options protect your clothes, skin, and delicate materials.
Comfortable Non-Slip Handle Grip gives you a strong and secure hold making the stick function optimally.
Durable and lightweight – the stick is made of lightweight aluminum and the hooks are made of durable steel