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Metal Shoe Horn 23inch

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The Metal Shoe Horn 23inch from Easy Slide is designed to make putting on your shoes a breeze. No more bending over too far or struggling to reach your feet. With its extended 23-inch length, this shoehorn allows you to easily slip into your shoes without any hassle. It features a handle at one end and a shoehorn guide at the other, making it incredibly convenient to use.

This shoehorn is not only useful for everyday shoe wearing but also serves as a great tool during the post-surgery recovery period. If you've had hip, back, or knee surgery, this long-handled shoehorn can assist you in putting on your shoes without putting any strain on your healing body.

The Easy Slide Shoehorn is suitable for all types of shoes, including boots, loafers, clogs, and sneakers. Its versatility makes it a popular choice among our customers. You can easily store it by hanging it from a small nail using the hole near the handle or balancing it on the edge of a table.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of bending and twisting just to put on your shoes. Invest in the Metal Shoe Horn 23inch from Easy Slide and experience the convenience and ease it offers. Order yours today and enjoy slipping into your shoes effortlessly!