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Shields II® Brace (6674)

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The Shields II® Brace (6674) offers dynamic control of the patella, reducing pain, and aiding in successful rehabilitation. Its Trakaderm® U-shaped buttress allows for the treatment of multiple patella indications by adjusting to the symptomatic contact point, regardless of malalignment. With one brace fitting both left and right, inventory management becomes hassle-free.

This brace provides independent calf and thigh straps, allowing adjustments for optimal contouring to the leg. Its low-profile and durable design ensures long-lasting performance. The Shields II® Brace features patella positioning without buckles and is equipped with Medial and Lateral Spiral Stays to prevent bunching while maintaining a full range of motion.

Experience top-notch patella control and customizable support with the Shields II® Brace (6674), ensuring your comfort and better mobility during the recovery process. Please note that this product does not have a specific medical billing code.