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Air Ankle Stirrup (307)

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  • The Air Ankle Stirrup (307) by Hely & Weber is a high-quality orthopedic device that provides effective edema reduction and supportive protection for acute ankle sprains. This ankle stirrup is designed to aid in the healing process and provide comfort during recovery.

    Featuring a universal shell design, this ankle stirrup comfortably fits both the left and right ankles. It offers a convenient solution for individuals with acute ankle sprains, providing stability and support to promote proper healing.

    The two air cell design of the Air Ankle Stirrup is specifically engineered to actively reduce edema. By applying adjustable air pressure, it helps to alleviate swelling and inflammation associated with ankle sprains. This aids in the healing process and promotes a faster recovery.

    The heel pad widths of this ankle stirrup are easily adjustable, allowing for a customized fit and optimal comfort. The thicker heel pad enhances durability and provides additional support to the ankle joint, giving you confidence in every step.

    For a better fit and enhanced comfort, the air cell pressure can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. This allows for a personalized fit that ensures optimal support and protection for the injured ankle.
    • Promotes Edema Reduction and Supportive Protection for acute ankle sprains
    • Universal shell design - one size comfortably fits left and right

    • Two Air Cell Design aids in active edema reduction

    • Heel pad widths can easily be adjusted 

    • Thicker heel pad for durability and support

    • Air cell pressure is adjustable for a better fit

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    307 Air Ankle Stirrup