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PediFix® GelStep® Heel Cups with Soft Spur Spot - XL

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Introducing the PediFix GelStep Heel Cups with Soft Spur Spot in XL size, the ultimate solution for relieving heel pain and providing superior cushioning. These heel cups are designed to offer exceptional comfort and protection to alleviate heel pain caused by various conditions.

In a clinical medical study, the precise design of these GelStep Heel Cups was proven to be the 'most effective' among multiple treatment options for relieving heel pain.

Crafted from genuine medical-grade Silicone, these heel cups are built to last. The Silicone material maintains its shape, never flattening, deforming, or degrading over time. This ensures long-lasting support and cushioning for your heels.

The GelStep Heel Cups feature dual durometer cushioning, with an even softer Blue Zone dedicated to providing extra shock absorption and enhanced comfort. The medium density firmness efficiently absorbs impact and recovers quickly, allowing for continuous support and relief.

You have the option to choose between versions with or without an Antimicrobial Top Cover, depending on your preferences and needs.

These Silicone Heel Cups are specifically designed to absorb shock, relieve pressure, and cushion your heels, effectively easing pain. The 'Blue Zone' Comfort Spots offer softer Silicone for additional protection under high-sensitivity areas.

Each pack includes a pair of GelStep Heel Cups, providing comprehensive support and cushioning for both heels.

Experience superior relief from heel pain with the PediFix GelStep Heel Cups with Soft Spur Spot. Invest in these remarkable heel cups and say goodbye to discomfort. Order now and enjoy the benefits they provide.

  • Relieves heel pain, reduces shock to skeletal system
  • Genuine medical-grade Silicone never flattens, deforms or degrades
  • Dual durometer cushioning with softer 'Blue Zone' provides extra shock absorption
  • Medium density firmness absorbs impact efficiently, recovers quickly
  • Available with or without Antimicrobial Top Cover
Silicone Heel Cups absorb shock, relieve pressure and cushion heels to ease pain. 'Blue Zone' Comfort Spots provide softer Silicone for extra protection under high-sensitivity areas.