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Deck The Halls Sale Going On Now

EZY Dose Pill Planner AM/PM

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Original price $5.99
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The EZY Dose Pill Planner AM/PM by McKesson is a compact and practical solution for individuals who need to organize and manage their daily pills. Designed with convenience in mind, this pill planner features a pocket-sized oval shape that easily fits in your bag or pocket, allowing you to take your medication with you wherever you go.

The snap-shut lids of each compartment provide secure closure, ensuring that your pills stay in place and resist accidental opening, even when dropped. Each compartment has ample space to hold up to 26 aspirin-sized pills, providing enough room for your daily medication needs.

With a clear lid, the EZY Dose Pill Planner AM/PM allows for easy identification of the contents without the need to open each compartment. This feature saves you time and effort in finding the right pills for the morning and evening doses.

The contoured bottom of each compartment is designed for easy pill removal. Simply turn the planner upside down and tap gently to release the pills. This ergonomic design makes it effortless to retrieve your medication, especially for individuals with dexterity challenges or limited hand strength.

The EZY Dose Pill Planner AM/PM is available in assorted colors, adding a touch of personalization and style to your medication management routine. The blister card packing ensures that each pill planner is securely packaged and easy to open.

Simplify your daily medication routine with the EZY Dose Pill Planner AM/PM by McKesson. Its pocket-sized oval design, snap-shut lids, clear identification, and contoured bottom make it a reliable and user-friendly solution for organizing and carrying your pills. Choose from assorted colors and enjoy the convenience of this compact pill planner wherever you go.