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EZRide+ Lightweight Electric Mobility Device

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  • The EZRide+ Lightweight Electric Mobility Device is a groundbreaking innovation that empowers individuals with enhanced mobility, freedom, and confidence. Designed to elevate your wheelchair experience, this lightweight, durable, and convenient device takes any average wheelchair to the next level.

    With the EZRide+, you can effortlessly maneuver over rough terrain with ease. No longer limited by obstacles, you can confidently navigate different surfaces and enjoy the freedom to explore new environments. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the joy of independent mobility.

    Customizability is a key feature of the EZRide+. The brake handle position can be easily adjusted to cater to your comfort and confidence using the included multi-tool. This ensures that you can find the perfect position that suits your unique needs, even if you have a weak or compromised grip. Enjoy a secure and personalized experience without compromising safety.

    Compatibility is another advantage of the EZRide+. It fits most foldable wheelchairs ranging from 14" to 22". With the addition of the Butterfly Clip accessory, the EZRide+ seamlessly integrates with popular wheelchair models such as Tilite aeroZ, Tilite ZRA, Invacare Crossfire, Quickie GT, Kushall AirPro wheelchair, and many more. Experience the convenience of enhancing your existing wheelchair with the power and versatility of the EZRide+.

    Rediscover the freedom to move with confidence with the EZRide+ Lightweight Electric Mobility Device. This cutting-edge innovation revolutionizes mobility, providing individuals with a seamless and empowering experience. Embrace the next level of mobility and enjoy newfound independence on your terms.

    Please Note: Rider must be physically able to hold & pull 18 lbs for at least 3 seconds in order to safely operate and control the EZRide+

  • EZRide+ can travel approximately 12-15 miles on a single charge. This estimate is dependent on factors such as traveling speed, weight, terrain, and incline. The EZRide+ uses an 8 inch wheel with an in-hub brushless 36V 350W electric motor.

    It takes approximately 4 hours from 0% battery to fully charged. We recommend charging the EZRide+ after each use or when the battery reaches 30%. The EZRide+ battery is a lithium-ion 36V 350 Wh 10.0 Ah battery.

    For those with limited grip strength, the handbrake can be adjusted on the handlebars to enable pressing with a cupped or open hand to stop. All controls can be moved to either side of the handlebars.

    The EZRide+ can handle any asphalt or concrete surfaces, as well as average length grass, or hard-packed dirt or gravel. EZRide+ is NOT designed for operation in the sand or at the beach.
  • The EZRide+ is water-resistant, but cannot be submerged in water. We do not recommend leaving the EZRide+ outside in the rain for long periods of time. However, light rain will not damage the EZRide+. Many parts of the EZRide+ are stainless steel or coated aluminum so they will not rust. However, we recommend wiping it down with a dry cloth if it gets wet.

    Note: EZRide fits all standard wheelchairs between 14" – 22" wide, and accommodates riders up to 300 lbs. (in addition to the weight of the wheelchair or or EZRide+).

 Accessory Pack Add On Available.

Included for FREE: Charger Bag ($40 Retail Value)