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EZRide+ Handle Bar Extension

by EZRide
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The EZRide+ Handle Bar Extension is designed to provide you with extended reach and customizable positioning for your handle bars. Crafted from durable aluminum, this extension offers a 4.375-inch reach increase, allowing you to achieve the most comfortable and ergonomic handle bar position for your mobility device.

With 180 degrees of adjustability, the EZRide+ Handle Bar Extension gives you the freedom to customize the angle and position of your handle bars. This ensures optimal control and a comfortable grip, reducing strain and enhancing your overall riding experience.

Installing the EZRide+ Handle Bar Extension is quick and easy, thanks to its user-friendly design. The extension seamlessly integrates with your existing handle bars, providing a secure and stable connection that can withstand daily use.

Experience improved comfort, control, and ergonomics with the EZRide+ Handle Bar Extension. Whether you need to accommodate your specific body proportions or prefer a more relaxed riding position, this extension allows you to fine-tune the handle bar reach to meet your needs.

Upgrade your EZRide+ mobility device with the EZRide+ Handle Bar Extension and enjoy a customized and comfortable riding experience. Take control of your mobility and ride with confidence, knowing that your handle bars are perfectly adjusted to your liking.