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EZRide+ Accessory Pack

by EZRide
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The EZRide+ Accessory Pack is the ultimate solution for customizing your manual wheelchair. Designed to complement the EZRide+ mobility device, this comprehensive kit offers a range of accessories to enhance your wheelchair experience and ensure a perfect fit for any chair, whether rigid or foldable.

With the EZRide+ Accessory Pack, you can personalize your wheelchair with ease. It includes a set of two Struts, allowing you to adjust the positioning of various components to meet your specific needs. The Tow Bar Extension provides added convenience and versatility, enabling you to tow items effortlessly while on the move.

The pack also features a set of two Butterfly Clips, which securely attach the EZRide+ to your wheelchair. These clips ensure a stable and reliable connection, enhancing the overall performance of your mobility device. Additionally, the Handle Bar Extension offers an extended reach, providing greater accessibility and control.

For added convenience and support, the EZRide+ Accessory Pack includes a Grab Handle. This ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable grip and assists in maneuvering your wheelchair with ease. Whether you're navigating through tight spaces or require assistance in transit, the Grab Handle proves to be an invaluable addition.

The EZRide+ Accessory Pack consolidates all your essential accessories into one convenient kit, saving you time and effort. By having everything you need in a single package, you can easily customize your manual wheelchair and enjoy a seamless mobility experience. Transform your manual wheelchair into a personalized and versatile mobility solution with the EZRide+ Accessory Pack. Achieve the perfect fit, enhance functionality, and enjoy the convenience of having all your EZRide accessories at your fingertips. Elevate your wheelchair experience and embrace the freedom of mobility.

Custom installation for any manual wheelchair.
Customize your chair with the EZRide Accessory Pack. All the extras you need to make your EZRide a perfect fit for any chair, rigid or foldable.
Get all of your EZRide accessories in one convenient kit.

The pack includes:
- Set of two Struts
- Tow Bar Extension
- Set of two Butterfly Clips
- Handle Bar Extension
- Grab Handle