BackJoy Kneeler Cushion, Relieves Knee Pressure and Pain, Knee Support, Lightweight, Portable, Designed for Gardening, Cleaning, Construction, Work, Sea Blue Color

NOVA Medical Products

Focus on the task at hand rather than uncomfortable knee pain. The BackJoy Kneeler relieves pressure and helps create total comfort on the hardest of surfaces or uneven ground. Built with Dynamic Comfort material, the design of the BackJoy Kneeler transfers the pressure of kneeling into the product to minimize knee pain while stress-free acupressure nodes may help take additional strain off the body. Works great for all your household chores and DIY projects. The BackJoy Kneeler is easily portable, too, thanks to its convenient handle and lightweight construction that allows you take it anywhere. Waterproof. Includes verified certificate of authenticity from the original brand manufacturer. This knee support, knee pain supporter, knee pain reliever allows you to work, garden and work with no pain. No pain for your knees can work wonders for productivity. Enjoy our knee supporter, if you have any issues, please reach out to us.