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Delivery Options

1. Residential Curbside

During a residential curbside delivery, the driver will leave the product in the driveway or on the porch, as long as there are no steps leading to either. The customer is responsible for getting the product inside their home.

2. Residential Inside

Residential inside deliveries is the most common form of residential delivery requested by Golden Technologies’ customers. As with business inside delivery, the strict definition of this delivery is to move the product across the threshold of the entrance of the building. However, there are certain policies that freight companies have in place that may affect your request for residential inside delivery. By federal law, freight carriers will not complete a residential inside delivery under the following circumstances:

  • there is any number of stairs leading to the front door
  • the door is not wide enough for the Golden unit to fit through while still in its box
  • the distance between the roadway and the entryway is unreasonably long
3. White Glove

White Glove service is the most involved delivery service we offer at Golden Technologies. In a White Glove service, a White Glove agent will:

  • Deliver the unit inside the customer’s home
  • Unpack the unit
  • Set it up in the room of their choice
  • Connect the power
  • Remove all packing debris