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Deck The Halls Sale Going On Now

EZRide+ Butterfly Clips

by EZRide
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EZRide+ Butterfly Clips are the perfect solution for securely attaching your wheelchair accessories. These clips provide a convenient and reliable way to mount accessories such as struts, handle bar extensions, and more onto your wheelchair's tubing.

Designed to fit most wheelchair tubing up to 36mm in diameter, EZRide+ Butterfly Clips offer a secure and snug fit. With their easy installation process, you can quickly attach and detach your accessories as needed, giving you the flexibility to customize your wheelchair to your specific needs.

For wheelchair tubes larger than 36mm, EZRide+ Butterfly Clips can still be used with a simple modification. By replacing the included Allen screws with longer M8 screws (not included) that are greater than 50mm (2 inches) in length, you can accommodate larger tubing sizes. This allows you to use the clips with confidence, regardless of your wheelchair's tubing dimensions.

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that EZRide+ Butterfly Clips provide. Whether you need to attach additional support struts for stability or extend your handle bars for improved reach, these clips ensure a secure and dependable attachment that stays in place during use.

Upgrade your wheelchair with EZRide+ Butterfly Clips and experience hassle-free customization and reliable attachment for your accessories. Enjoy the freedom to personalize your wheelchair to suit your unique needs and preferences.