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Alternating Pressure Pad - 1 Each/Each - APP-1000

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Discover the many benefits of the Alternating Pressure Pump & Pad by Nova - a medical device designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers or bedsores. This device offers:

Pressure relief: The Alternating Pressure Pump & Pad works by alternating pressure between air cells. This redistribution of pressure points can significantly reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Improved circulation: This system enhances blood flow to the affected area, aiding in the healing of existing pressure ulcers and preventing the development of new ones.

Pain relief: Experience the reduction in pain associated with pressure ulcers. The pressure relief provided by the Alternating Pressure Pump & Pad improves overall comfort and quality of life.

Versatility: Suitable for use on various surfaces, including beds, wheelchairs, and other seating areas.

Ease of use: The Alternating Pressure Pump & Pad is easy to set up and use, making it a convenient and effective solution for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

Introducing the new Deluxe Alternating Pressure System. Ideal for preventing and treating bed sores, this deluxe, quiet pump alternately inflates and deflates 130 bubble cells. Its adjustable pressure settings ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort, making it a favourite among users.

Trust the Alternating Pressure Pump & Pad by Nova Medical to provide multiple benefits for individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers or those currently dealing with them. Experience improved circulation, pain relief, and optimal healing in a user-friendly and versatile design.