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Side Rail Bumper Pad

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A side rail bumper pad is a medical device designed to be attached to the side rails of a bed or other medical equipment. It is made of soft, cushioned material and is used to prevent injuries or discomfort that may result from accidental contact with the side rails.

The bumper pad is placed on the inside of the side rails to create a soft barrier between the user and the hard metal or plastic rails. It can help to prevent bruises, cuts, or other injuries that may occur if the user accidentally hits or rubs against the side rails during movement or sleep.

In addition to providing cushioning and protection, side rail bumper pads can also help to reduce noise and improve comfort for the user. They are commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, as well as in home care settings for people who require medical equipment with side rails.

  • Side-rail bumper pads are made with high-density foam to create a safe environment for patients
  • Each pair comes complete with a fluid-resistant vinyl cover with hook and loop fastener straps to secure to side rail
  • Includes: Fluid-resistant vinyl cover with hook and loop fastener straps